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  • Mediation: Should I Use It?

    3226EN - Mediation is an informal way to resolve disputes without going to court. The parties attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the help of a neutral mediator. Mediation can be used in many types of disputes. Read More

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  • Termination of Employment

    This memorandum provides a general overview of legal issues associated with employment termination, including understanding whether the discharge was lawful, whether your employer has any continuing obligations to you (or you to the former employer) and in the event that the termination was unlawful, steps that you can take to assert your rights. An attorney is still your best source of advice for your specific factual situation. Read More

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  • Workplace Fairness Web Site

    A comprehensive web site explaining employment rights. Read More

    Workplace Fairness
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Employee in Washington State

    2908EN - This publication provides general information about employment rights in Washington state. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project