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  • Eldercare Locator

    The Eldercare Locator is your first step for finding local agencies, in every U.S. community, that can help older persons and their families access home and community-based services like transportation, meals, home care, and caregiver support services. Read More

  • Handbook for Washington Seniors

    The Handbook is a comprehensive quick-reference guide on the full range of legal issues seniors face. Read More

    Legal Voice
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  • Mental Health Resource Manual

    This manual is a source for information about mental health services for seniors in Washington state, providing website links for research. Publication #5942EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project - CLEAR Intake Line
  • Quitclaim Deeds and Life Estates

    Before transferring any property, it is best to consult with a lawyer to find out all the possible consequences of the transfer in your specific circumstances. Some lawyers will provide services free of charge or for a reduced fee for low-income people. Contact your local bar association for more information. #6260EN Also called Quit Claim Deed. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project - CLEAR Intake Line
  • Why Am I Left In the Waiting Room? Understanding the Four C’s of Elder Law Ethics

    There are several reasons why lawyers need to meet with your family member or friend alone for at least part of the case evaluation process, so please don’t be alarmed or offended. Read More

    American Bar Association

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