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  • Antiharassment: Petition for Order of Protection: Forms & Instructions

    Forms and Instructions for antiharassment cases. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • Are you Being Stalked? Help is Available

    Information about what stalking is and how to get a protection order if it's happening to you. Read More

    King County Prosecutor's Office
  • Are You Being Stalked? Tips for Protection

    This memo will help you learn about stalking and how to protect yourself. If you need more information about stalking and the ways to protect yourself, see the Resources section at the end of this memo. Read More

    Legal Voice
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  • Crime Victims Advocacy Network

    We are a network of advocates working with those hurt or harmed by crime in Mason, Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. We work to protect the rights and dignity of crime victims by providing them with support, referrals and advocacy in a compassionate, proactive and empowering manner. Read More

    Crime Victims Advocacy Network
  • Something Can Be Done! Guide

    Without My Consent empowers victims of egregious online privacy violations to lead the fight against online harassment. WMC makes educational materials on these topics available through this website, free of charge. Though the materials provided here are broader in scope, much of our work currently centers on the non-consensual distribution of sexually explicit images. Read More

    Without My Consent
  • Stalking Protection Order: Instructions and Forms

    8907EN - You file this petition to ask the court to grant you an order against someone who is stalking and/or cyberstalking you. This packet contains the necessary forms and instructions for filling them out. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • Who's stalking: what to know about mobile spyware

    Do you think an abusive partner or ex is monitoring you through your phone? They might be using stalking apps (spyware) that secretly track your devices. Here’s information about what stalking apps are, how to tell if they’re on your device, and what to do if they are. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission