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  • How to Format Court Documents

    When you give documents to a Washington state court, it is important to format the documents correctly. This document outlines the rules you must follow. #9938EN Read More

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  • File a Petition to Stop Parentage Cases Based on Sexual Assault: If You were Raped and got Pregnant

    Blank forms to print and fill out on your own, with how-to instructions for completing and filing. Use this to file a petition to restrict the rapist’s parental rights and/or get an order for child support and other costs. Do not use this if someone else, including the state, has already started a parentage case. #3662EN Read More

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  • What are Working Copies?

    When you “file” documents with a court, you give the court documents for processing. Often you also need to give a court “working copies” of the same documents. The judge or commissioner will use these extra copies to prepare for your case. That way the court does not need to make copies itself. #9952EN Read More

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