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Understanding the Basics (3)+

  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance

    Read this if a natural disaster hit your town and it caused you to lose your job (or caused your employer to reduce your hours). #9906EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • How to Appeal a Denial Of Unemployment to Superior Court

    This explains Superior court review of an administrative decision relating to unemployment benefits. If you lose your claim at the administrative hearing, you have another level of administrative review. It is called a “Petition for Review.” #7602EN Read More

    Unemployment Law Project
  • How to Represent Yourself at an Unemployment Benefits Hearing

    If you have been denied unemployment compensation benefits, you have a right to appeal. If you have been allowed benefits, your former employer has the same right to appeal. If either you or your employer appeals, you will have a hearing with an administrative law judge. This explains how to represent yourself at the hearing. Read More

    Unemployment Law Project
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