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  • Family Guide to Involuntary Treatment

    If a family member has been involuntarily detained, you may have some questions about Washington State's Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA). The information in this brochure is a simplified guide through the involuntary commitment process to help you understand the system, the patient's rights and your involvement. Read More

    Department of Human Services
  • Have you had mental health services denied?

    Have you had mental health services denied because of a blanket or categorical exclusion since January 1, 2006? You may be eligible for coverage after all. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
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  • How to Get Public Mental Healthcare

    Getting mental health treatment might help if you: want to get some counseling, therapy, or treatment; get in trouble at school or at home for your behavior; feel sad or depressed or worried a lot of the time; often get really angry and end up fighting or yelling; want to talk in a group with other youth who might be going through similar things as you; or think a therapist or other mental health doctor might be able to help you with other issues. Read More

  • Mental Health Resource Manual

    This manual is a source for information about mental health services for seniors in Washington state, providing website links for research. Publication #5942EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project