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  • Tenants are Protected from Discrimination Based on Source of Income

    Find out how makes it is illegal for landlords in Washington state to discriminate against tenants and would-be tenants based on their source of income, and what you can do if it happens to you. #6323EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
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  • Why Your Rental Applications Keep Getting Denied—and How to Fix it

    Many landlords automatically turn down (deny) rental applications from anyone with any “eviction record.” This means an unlawful detainer (eviction) appears on your tenant-screening report. These reports usually include all filed cases dating back at least 7 years, even if you resolved them. A landlord could deny your application because of an eviction record, even if the judge or landlord dismissed the case before trial, or you won, or the case is very old. State law at RCW 59.18.367 may allow you to get an order from the eviction court that stops tenant screening companies from using your eviction record when you apply for housing. #6303EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project

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