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Estate recovery exemptions for Native Americans and Alaska Natives

For Native American and Alaska Native property owners who get Apple Health or Medicaid and are concerned that the State might try to recover its costs for your health care from your estate after you die. #9208EN

How do my Tribal Income/Resources affect my SSI?

9216EN - Read this if you want to know how tribal income and resources affect SSI benefits. We do not explain the effect of tribal income or resources on other benefits such as subsidized housing or long-term medical care benefits. The table at the end has info about food and state cash benefits (ABD, TANF, and so on.).

Native American Unit

Information about NJP's Native American Unit and the services it provides.

Petitioning for Superior Court Review: When you disagree with a DSHS/HCA benefits administrative hearing

If you appealed an agency decision about your public benefits and lost your administrative hearing, you can appeal the administrative law judge's decision. This packet explains when and how to do so, and has forms you can use. Packet #7917EN

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