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Understanding the Basics (1)+

  • Your Child with Disabilities is Turning 18

    If you have a child who is unable to care for them self because of a disability, you may be concerned about what to do when your child turns 18. Parents do not automatically have the authority to make legal decisions for their children who turn 18, when the law considers the person an adult. #3303EN Read More

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Public Benefits and Accommodations (2)+

Service Animals (1)+

  • Change in Washington Law about Service Animals Starting January 1, 2019

    The state legislature has found that misrepresentations of pets, therapy animals, or emotional support animals as service animals has made it harder for people with disabilities to get acceptance of their properly trained and essential service animals. The new law limits the definition of “service animal” and imposes a fine for misrepresenting an animal as a service animal. #8405EN Read More

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