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ARY (At-Risk Youth) petitions

ARY petitions are filed by parents or legal guardian requesting help from the court to resolve family conflicts, treat substance abuse problems, or to prevent a youth from engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Ask for an Emergency Minor Guardianship Order

If you are filing for guardianship and you need short-term court orders for the child or a court order right away, use this along with our File a Minor Guardianship Petition packet. #4414EN

CHINS (Child in Need of Services) petitions

A CHINS petition is a petition filed in court requesting that a child be placed in a residence other than the home of their parents or legal guardians. This resources explains when a CHINS petition is appropriate.

Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program

If you are a youth in the foster care system, learn how you can get financial help to go to school.

I am age 12 – 16. What are my rights in a minor guardianship case?

If you are a teen and someone has filed to have a court appoint a guardian for you, read this to find out what your rights are. #4402EN

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