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  • Educating Homeless Children and Youth

    Homeless children and youth sometimes need help enrolling and participating in school. Various individuals can, and should, step forward to provide assistance. Parents, relatives, family friends, school and school district personnel, shelter providers, youth program workers, social workers, advocates, and the students themselves can all play a role in helping young people get an education. If you are such a person, this booklet will get you started. Read More

    National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
  • Educational Rights of Students Who Are Considered Homeless

    If you are a student in preschool through 12th grade and you are considered homeless or you don’t have a regular place to sleep, this guide is for you. You have a legal right to an education and support from your school. This guide tells you about your rights, the laws that protect you, and resources to help you. Read More

    Columbia Legal Services
  • Homeless Youth & Education

    Questions and answers about education issues for homeless youth. Read More

    Columbia Legal Services

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