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How Can FEMA Help Me?

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project - CLEAR Intake Line LSC Funded

Questions and answers about the type of help that FEMA can provide after a disaster.


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Can FEMA help me with temporary housing?

Yes. FEMA can help you with a hotel bill. They might pay the bill for you. Check the list of participating hotels at www.femaevachotels.com. If your hotel is not on the list, save your hotel bill. Ask for FEMA reimbursement after you check out.

Can FEMA help me with rent?

Yes. They can help with rent at a new place if the disaster damaged your home.

Can FEMA help me with rent if I rented my damaged home?

Yes. They can help you with at least one month’s rent at a new place.

Can FEMA help me repair my home?

Yes, if you own your home. FEMA can provide homeowners some help to make your home safe, sanitary, and functional. Homeowners with good credit and enough income can get a government-backed loan to repair your home fully. If you do not have a deed in your name by the time you register with FEMA, you may need to clear up ownership of your property.

Can FEMA help me replace my personal belongings?

Yes. They can give you money to replace personal belongings the disaster damaged or destroyed. Things FEMA can help you replace include vehicles, furniture, appliances, and other important personal property.

Can FEMA help me with other expenses caused by the hurricanes?

Yes. They can help with medical, dental, funeral, and transportation expenses, and other serious needs the disaster caused. FEMA will only cover these expenses if you can show the disaster caused them. You may need a note from your doctor saying the disaster caused your medical or dental expenses. You may need receipts for any other expense caused by the hurricanes.

I have insurance. Can FEMA help me?

Yes. They can help you with needs your insurance does not cover. You may need to give FEMA a copy of your insurance policy. FEMA will not cover your insurance deductible.

How do I ask FEMA to help me?

Call or go online at: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or http://www.fema.gov or m.fema.gov for smartphones.


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