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I am having problems with my landlord

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project
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If you are a renter having problems with your landlord, learn some tips, where to get additional legal information, and where to go if you need legal help. #6336EN


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Should I read this?

Yes, if you are having problems with your landlord. Anyone who rents where they live from someone else can use this. These tips work for a manufactured/mobile home park, apartment complex, and so on.

*Although these tips are designed for tenants in Washington state, they are useful tips for any state.

*COVID-19 Update!  Eviction law is changing quickly. There are temporary bans and changes to how courts handle evictions. Things may be different depending on where you live. Get the latest information and learn about help for evictions in your area at WashingtonLawHelp.org:  Coronavirus (COVID-19): There are only a few reasons your landlord can evict you right now


I am having problems my landlord, what can I do?

  • Keep copies of all documents, such as the rental agreement, park rules, any notices or letters from the landlord, and anything you send the landlord.

  • Make written or typed notes of important conversations with the landlord. Note dates, what you talked about, who was there, and what exactly you each said.

  • Follow up on important conversations. Send the landlord a letter repeating what you each said and/or any agreements you made. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

  • Send your landlord any documents or notices by both regular and certified mail, return receipt requested. Then you will have proof of mailing.

  • Never pay rent or other payments in cash, unless you hand it directly to the landlord and immediately get a written receipt.

  • Ask for and keep receipts of all payments to the landlord.

  • Keep all these documents in a safe place.

*Read the rest only if you live in the state of Washington.

Read any of these to learn more about your rights as a tenant.

COVID-related information for Washington state renters:

General landlord-tenant information for Washington state renters:

Manufactured/Mobile Home Park landlord-tenant information for Washington state renters:

What if I need legal help?

Visit Northwest Justice Project to find out how to get legal help. 

Eviction laws and the ways courts are handling the COVID-19 crisis may change quickly and be different depending on where you live. Get the latest information and learn about help for evictions in your area on WashingtonLawHelp.org.

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Last Review and Update: Dec 08, 2020