Letter to Landlord for Return of a Security Deposit

Self-help forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive. Use this program if you did not get or only partially got a refund of your rental security deposit from a previous landlord and want to send a demand letter requesting that it be returned to you.

What will this interview do?

This free program asks questions and uses your answers to complete your forms. When you finish the interview, you can save, edit, email, download or print your completed forms. You will also get instructions to help with your next steps.

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We suggest you watch our video and read our Getting Your Security Deposit Back before completing this interview.

What do I need before I start?

  • Your current address.
  • Your previous address.
  • Your previous landlord's name, address or management company's address.
  • The date you moved out.
  • The amount of your deposit.

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Disclaimer:  This program is designed to follow current law. It does not apply legal principles and judgment to anyone's specific circumstances.

Last Review and Update: Mar 05, 2022
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