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My Landlord Just Gave Me a 3-Day Notice to Quit

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project LSC Funded
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If you rent the place where you live and you got a 3-Day Notice to Quit from your landlord, learn what that is and what you should do about it. #6352EN


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*Read this only if you live in the state of Washington.


I live in Washington state, should I read this?

Yes, if you rent the place where you live and you just got a 3-Day Notice to Quit from your landlord.

No, if you own the mobile home you live in, and rent the lot, do not read this. Read My Landlord Just Threatened to Evict Me from my Manufactured/Mobile Home Park and talk to a lawyer right away.  Contact information is below.


*COVID-19 Update!  Eviction law is changing quickly. There are temporary bans and changes to how courts handle evictions. Things may be different depending on where you live. Get the latest information and learn about help for evictions in your area at WashingtonLawHelp.org:  Coronavirus (COVID-19): There are only a few reasons your landlord can evict you right now


What will I learn by reading this?

  • What this notice is

  • What to do if you get this notice from your landlord

  • Where to get legal help


What is a 3-Day Notice to Quit?

A 3-Day Notice to Quit is a demand from your landlord. A landlord can give a tenant this type of notice for "creating a waste or nuisance." A landlord will give you this notice if the landlord believes that you are:

  • Damaging or destroying the property

  • Using the property for illegal activity, including illegal drug-related activity

  • Engaging in gang-related activity

  • Interfering substantially and consistently with other tenants' use of the property

*If you get a 3-Day Notice, you do not get a chance to fix the problem and stay. Try to get legal help right away if you get this type of notice. See contact information below.


Does the Notice to Quit have to be delivered in a certain way?

Yes. Your landlord (or their employee or another adult) can "personally serve" you at home by handing the notice to you. The landlord can also hand it to another adult or older teenager living with you. The landlord also can tape it on your door, but then they must also mail a copy to you.

*The notice does not have to be notarized.


Can my landlord evict me just by giving me this notice?

No. Washington state does not let landlords evict tenants without following the proper court eviction process. The landlord must give you a proper written "termination" notice before starting an eviction lawsuit. The 3-Day Notice to Quit is one type of termination notice.

If you are still living in the place after 3 days, your landlord will then start an eviction lawsuit against you.

Your landlord must win an eviction lawsuit against you and get a judge to sign an order directing the sheriff to evict you.


My landlord gave me a 3-Day Notice to Quit. I did not do any of the things the notice says I did.

Talk to a lawyer right away. If you want to fight the eviction lawsuit, you will need to have evidence proving what you are saying is true. It can also mean having witnesses who have personal knowledge about the facts and testify.

*Read Getting Ready for a Court Hearing or Trial to get an idea of what you will need to do to fight the eviction in court. You might also find Eviction and Your Defense helpful.


Get Legal Help

Eviction laws and the ways courts are handling the COVID-19 crisis may change quickly and be different depending on where you liveGet the latest information and learn about help for evictions in your area at WashingtonLawHelp.org. 

Visit Northwest Justice Project to find out how to get legal help. 

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Last Review and Update: Dec 09, 2020