Minafon Annukun Washington State: Apoputan Prokram Ren Fofor ngeni Katou (ERPPs) me pwan an Chon rent Pung ren angaiin emon Sou Annuk

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project

New Washington State law: Eviction Resolution Pilot Programs (ERPPs) and right to an attorney for tenants (Chuukese) #6347CK

Please Note:

  • Aneani ei chok ika pwe ka kan nom non Washington State.
  • Annukun katou a sopwosopwono ne siwin. Aneani ewe minafon siwin ngeni ewe annuk non WashingtonLawHelp.org/resource/eviction
  • En kopwene kan kuna meinisin ekkewe toropwen pungun sia link ngeni non WashingtonLawHelp.org.

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Last Review and Update: Jul 15, 2022
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