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To do anything in a family law case, you need the right form. The guided interviews on Washington Forms Online help you fill out the forms you need, with clear instructions on what to do next. 3290EN



What is a Washington Forms Online interview?

It's simple! We ask you questions and use your answers to complete the documents you need. The interviews work best on a desktop computer, laptop, or large tablet. You can use a mobile phone, but it is harder on a phone.


How do I get my forms?

You can download and save them to a computer, or have them emailed to yourself or someone else you trust. You must print your forms to file them in court.

Your forms will download as .RTF files (rich text format). You can open them in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Pages, Word Pad, and other word processors.


Can I save my answers online?

Yes! You can create a free account on LawHelp Interactive (LHI) to save your answers.

Saving protects you from losing work if you have spotty wi-fi, or just need a break. You can come back to finish answering questions or to edit your answers.

If you do more than one interview, you can use your saved answers to avoid re-typing names, addresses, and other repeat information. 


Can I share my answers with a lawyer?

Yes! If you are working with a legal aid or volunteer lawyer, you can share your answers with them on LHI. Your lawyer can review and edit your answers, and save any changes. Either you or your lawyer can finish the interview to get the completed forms.

You need your lawyer's LHI username to share answers with them.

If your lawyer does not have an LHI account, you can have the forms emailed to the lawyer after you finish the interview. Your lawyer can review and edit your forms.


Do you have an interview that is right for me?

Maybe. Right now, these are online:

More interviews are coming soon to finalize divorce and for temporary or immediate Orders. 


Where can I learn more?

Visit the Washington Forms Online page on Washington LawHelp. Watch our How-To Video to see how it works.

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Last Review and Update: Oct 31, 2022
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