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Yakima County Superior Court: Seeking a Court Order in your Family Law case during COVID-19

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project LSC Funded

Read how Yakima County Superior Court has temporarily changed its procedures for getting emergency orders in family law cases. #3973EN


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Yakima County Superior Court has been changing its practice around how you can get family law orders. This information is current as of March 2021.  

For a while, the court only scheduled hearings in limited situations. But the court is now hearing all hearings again just as it did before COVID.

You have the option again to show up at the hearing in person. But the court strongly encourages you to attend via Zoom.

If you schedule a temporary hearing, you must still confirm your hearing. Call or email the Clerk's office by 10:00 AM two court days before the hearing date to tell them that the hearing is still happening. You can call the clerk at (509) 574-2959 or email them.   

The court will handle family law ex-parte matters in chambers (the judge's offices).  You can submit proposed orders (orders you want the judge to sign) to the Clerk's office. You should give each order a cover sheet.  Use the Cover Sheet attached here.

The court will call later to let you know if the judge signed the order.    

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Last Review and Update: Mar 15, 2021