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Indian Civil Rights Act

The Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 (ICRA) is a federal law. It says Indian tribal governments cannot enact or enforce laws that violate certain individual rights. #9202EN

Unmarried Couples: Washington Property Law

Learn about how Washington State law divides the property and debts of an unmarried couple when they break up. #3913EN

Living Together Contracts

Read this if you are part of a Washington couple that cannot or chooses not to marry or be registered domestic partners. The law generally does not say if/how you will share your property/debts/other responsibilities. Publication #3909EN

Getting Your Paperwork Ready So You Can Get Help with Your Family Law Case

Find out what paperwork and information you can get together for your appointment with the attorney, paralegal, volunteer or domestic violence shelter staff who will help you with your family law case. #3130EN

Parenting Plans: General Info

What a parenting plan is and how to get one. Learn how to enforce or change a permanent parenting plan. #3230EN

File for a Protection Order

This is a Washington Forms Online interview. Self-help court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive to file for a protection order. Completes forms for domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, anti-harassment, and vulnerable adult protection orders. (Available in English and Spanish.)

How to get a name change in Washington State

In Washington State, if you are eighteen or older, you can choose and use any name you wish, as long as you are not trying to defraud (cheat) someone. This describes the process. #3400EN

Help for people unable to work: ABD and HEN

If you have very low income and resources, you can't work due to disability or incapacity, you're not eligible for other help and you're homeless or at risk of homelessness, learn more about two programs that might help you. #7812EN

Buying a manufactured home

Buying a manufactured home can be complicated. You may not understand all the terms. Don't rely on verbal statements that are not in writing! Read this to better understand your rights and some important terms. #6582EN

I want to change (modify) my Child Support court order

Questions and answers about the laws that apply to changing a Washington State Child Support court order. #3814EN

I am a Tenant Living in a Foreclosed Property. What are My Rights?

If the place you are renting to live in has been foreclosed on, read this to learn your rights. #6122EN

ACP participants can use a Revocable Living Trust to buy real property confidentially

When you buy a house or other real estate, you have to sign a lot of documents that show your name and the address or location of your property. These documents show up in public records that anyone can see. If you are in the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), you can keep your name and location confidential by creating a revocable living trust that you can control. Then you can buy property in the name of the Trust, without using your own name. Packets #3708EN and 3709EN.

How to use written questions and requests for documents in a family law case

Read this if you are a party in a contested family law case (“contested” means you and the other party disagree about issues) AND you want or need to get more information from the other party about their side of the issues. #3900EN

My former landlord says I owe damages

It is important to dispute in writing damages you are not responsible for. Sample letters to the landlord included. #6372EN

Your rights as a tenant in Washington State

Explains residential tenants and landlords' rights and responsibilities in Washington. #6300EN

How to work with GALS and parenting evaluators

If you are involved in a divorce, parentage, or petition to change parenting plan case where the other parent does not agree with you, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) or Parenting Evaluator. Here are some tips to help you work successfully with the GAL. #3106EN

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