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My landlord just gave me a 30-Day Notice

Why did your landlord give you this notice? Is it legal? What should you do now? Read this to learn more. #6358EN

City of Aberdeen Tenants: Information about the Rental Registration and Inspection Program (RRIP)

The RRIP requires all landlords to register their properties with the City and have them inspected at least once every 3 years. #6327EN

My landlord threatened to evict me

If you rent the place where you live and your landlord just threatened to evict you, read this to learn what to do. #6349EN

Landlords must give a “good” reason to end certain tenancies

Learn more about how landlords can now evict or refuse to renew a rental agreement for specific reasons only. #6345EN

Missing payments of late fees cannot lead to eviction

Tenants may owe late fees and other kinds of charges but cannot be evicted for not paying them if they are not "rent" or certain recurring, regular charges. #6341EN

Eviction Resolution Programs (ERPs) and Right to an Attorney for Tenants

Find out about a new law that establishes mediation for those behind on rent because of COVID-19 and find more information the right to a free lawyer for low-income tenants facing eviction. #6347EN

Tenants’ rights: The place I’m living in has been condemned

Find out your options if your landlord has been notified that your rental home will be condemned or will be unlawful to occupy. #6384EN

2022 Changes to Washington State’s laws affecting tenants

Two new laws affecting tenants in Washington State went into effect in June, 2022. Landlords cannot require tenants to pay electronically (they must accept checks and money orders for rent). Also, landlords may offer tenants the option to pay a monthly fee instead of a security deposit before moving in. #6317EN

What are my rights in transitional housing?

Find out when you can be evicted from and other information about transitional housing programs. #6904EN

Tacoma tenants have additional protections under local laws

If you are a tenant (you rent the place where you live) in Tacoma, Washington, new Tacoma laws give you certain rights. This explains the laws. #6319EN

Tenants' Rights: Moving Out

If you are a tenant thinking about moving out of your rental, know your rights and responsibilities. #6371EN

My landlord just gave me a 120-Day Notice

Why did your landlord give you this notice? Is it legal? What should you do now? Read this to learn more. #6359EN

Tenants can now pay most move-in costs in installments

State law now lets tenants pay certain move-in costs on a payment plan. #6344EN

I live in a manufactured/mobile home park. Can the park owner/landlord change the park rules?

If you own your mobile home but rent the space it sits on, learn more about mobile/manufactured home park rules and whether/when/how the landlord can change them. #6514EN

Washington Forms Online

Fill out legal documents online for free. It's simple: we ask you questions and use your answers to complete the documents you need. If you don't find what you are looking for here, go to the Legal Topics menu and choose a topic area or search. We have more legal forms available to print or fill out online that are not part of Washington Forms Online.

Getting Your Paperwork Ready So You Can Get Help with Your Family Law Case

Find out what paperwork and information you can get together for your appointment with the attorney, paralegal, volunteer or domestic violence shelter staff who will help you with your family law case. #3130EN

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