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Getting the most out of this website


What is Washington LawHelp? is a website that has free legal information on common civil legal issues and a guide to free and low cost legal help to low-income persons and seniors in Washington. The site includes Know Your Rights publications, self-help packets, Do-it-Yourself forms, videos and links to other sites with relevant information. The site is maintained by staff at the Northwest Justice Project.


What is Washington Forms Online?

To do anything in a family law case, you need the right form. The guided interviews on Washington Forms Online help you fill out the forms you need, with clear instructions on what to do next.

This free program asks questions and uses your answers to complete cour forms. When you finish the interview, you can save, edit, email, download or print your completed forms. You will also get instructions to help with your next steps. Watch our How-To Video to see how it works.


How do I find legal help?

If you are looking for free or low-cost legal services, start by clicking " Legal Directory" on the blue menu under the Washington LawHelp logo. You can browse legal aid organizations in an alphabetical directory or search for a provider in your area. Searching the directory will give you a listing of organizations in your area, how to contact them and a description of the services they provide.


How do I find legal information?

There are several ways to find legal resources and self-help packets on this web site.

  • Use the Search bar Use a keyword like "Divorce", "Eviction", "Debt Collection" or "Custody".
  • Choose a Topic from the drop-down menu under "Get Legal Info" on the blue bar under the Washington LawHelp logo. Then choose a subtopic.
  • On the home page, chose one of the Topics, for example, Family & Safety, Money & Debt or House & Apartment. When you find the topic that best describes your legal problem, click on it. This will bring you to a list of sub-topics that should describe your legal problem more closely. So, for example, if you are being evicted from an apartment, you would start on the homepage and:
  1. Click on the "House & Apartment" topic
  2. Click on "Eviction" 
  3. Information on this site is under 2 tabs Know Your Rights and Court Forms & Procedure. Choose the tab that fits your situation.
  4. Scroll through the list of resources and choose the one that best fits your situation.




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