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  • Basic Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

    This memo provides you with some basic background information to get you started on preparing your "estate plan." Read More

  • Disposition Authorization

    A simple one-page document called a Disposition Authorization allows you to authorize your choice of cremation or burial as well as where you choose as your final resting place. Complete the form online, print, sign and keep with your important papers. Be sure to discuss your wishes with your survivors and let them know where your original documents are filed so they can present them to the funeral home at time of death. Read More

    End of Life - Washington
  • Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts and Probate

    Information on how to create a simple will and other information you should know about the process. Read More

    Nolo Press
  • How do I Sign Documents When I am Physically Unable?

    8401EN - As long as you are mentally competent to understand what you are signing, the fact that you cannot actually sign does not need to keep you from executing the document. Just follow the procedures we explain in this publication. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • Revocable Living Trusts

    Information about what a revocable living trust is and why you might create one. Read More

    Washington State Bar Association
  • Understanding the Four C's of Elder Law Ethics

    There are several reasons why lawyers need to meet with your family member or friend alone for at least part of the case evaluation process, so please don’t be alarmed or offended. Read More

    American Bar Association
  • Washington Wills

    Create your own simple will and other basic estate planning documents with free forms and instructions. Read More

    Washington Wills
  • What Happens to My Kids if I am Sick or Die?

    3115EN - If you are a single parent, you may worry who will care for your kids if something happens to you. This publication explains your options. You should also talk to a lawyer. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
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