Car Issues

Know Your Rights

Getting Your Stuff Back

You should read this if someone else has property that is yours and you want to get it back. This may have happened because someone took something of yours without your permission or because you let someone borrow something, but they refused to return it. #6312EN

How do I sue in Small Claims Court?

In Small Claims Court, you can sue for up to $10,000. This is meant to be a quick, cheap way to resolve a dispute you could not otherwise settle. It is not complicated. Lawyers generally cannot take part. There are no juries, motions or objections. There is only a small charge for filing a lawsuit. You can get a trial date much sooner than in other courts. Most trials last about 20 minutes. #9940EN

How to be a Savvy Car Owner

How to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses and legal problems from owning a car. #0320EN

If Someone Sues You in Small Claims Court

Tips for trying to resolve your dispute and what to do if you need to appear in court. #9941EN

Reporting the Sale or Purchase of a Car

What you can do to protect yourself from being held responsible for the actions of another person after you have sold, transferred or purchased a car. #0315EN

They towed my car

Your rights and responsibilities when your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, moped or other vehicle has been towed. 0312EN.

Vehicle Repossession

Your rights and the rules the creditor must follow when repossessing a car. #0310EN

What happens if there is an accident and I am uninsured?

Learn about Washington's mandatory insurance law and the laws that apply if you have an accident while driving without insurance. #0313EN

I just bought a used car. It does not work properly.

What can you do if your used car breaks down or needs costly repairs soon after purchase from a car dealer? Some state and federal laws may help. #0314EN

Problems getting title to my vehicle

What to do if you are having problems with getting title to your vehicle if, for instance, you bought a car from someone who does not have a copy of the car’s title. #0324EN

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Tips on how to make sure the car you are buying is in good condition, how to buy a car you can afford, whether you should purchase warranties or other add-ons, how to find out about the car’s history, and what to do after purchasing a car. #0322EN

Auto Repairs

Learn about the legal standards auto repair places must follow. #0323EN

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