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  • How to File a Lawsuit in Federal Court

    Are you having a disagreement with another person, business or government agency? Are you thinking about going to court to ask a judge to resolve a disagreement or solve a problem for you? The federal court is one type of court that can help people resolve disputes. Read More

    United States District Court Western Washington
  • How to Format Court Documents

    When you give documents to a Washington state court, it is important to format the documents correctly. This document outlines the rules you must follow. #9938EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • I am not satisfied with a Construction Contractor’s Work: Filing Suit against the Contractor’s Bond

    There are number of reasons why you may want to sue a construction contractor. The contractor did not finish the job you hired him to do, for example, or did not do a good job. If the contractor is bankrupt or does not have any other assets, you can sue against the contractor's bond. #0302EN Read More

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  • Declaration Form - General Civil

    Declaration for general civil court cases. This form is not for family law cases. Read More

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  • Subpoenaing Witnesses and Documents

    If you are going to a hearing or trial where you will be giving evidence AND you need to make sure that a witness shows up or that someone brings documents or other items, you can have the person served with a subpoena issued by the court clerk. Publication #9930EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project

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