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Small Claims Court

Know Your Rights
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How do I sue in Small Claims Court?

In Small Claims Court, you can sue for up to $10,000. This is meant to be a quick, cheap way to resolve a dispute you could not otherwise settle. It is not complicated. Lawyers generally cannot take part. There are no juries, motions or objections. There is only a small charge for filing a lawsuit. You can get a trial date much sooner than in other courts. Most trials last about 20 minutes. #9940EN

If Someone Sues You in Small Claims Court

Tips for trying to resolve your dispute and what to do if you need to appear in court. #9941EN

Using Small Claims Court to Recover Unpaid Wages

If you are owed wages by your employer, read this to find out what you can do to get your money. #2200EN

What is Small Claims Court?

Includes a sample demand form letter. #9943EN

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