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Here you will find general legal information and resources about how to deal with legal financial obligations / restitution-reduction or waiver of interest in Washington state. After you are convicted of a crime in superior, district, or municipal court, and as part of your sentencing, the judge orders you to pay money to the courts, city and/or victims involved. This money is your legal financial obligation (LFO).

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Ask a court to cancel your non-restitution interest and/or reduce your LFOs

Read this if you were convicted of a crime in Washington State, owe the state legal financial obligations, but cannot afford to pay. #9913EN

Got unpaid non-criminal traffic fines? You may be able to get your license back.

Learn how to get your license back if it was suspended for unpaid fines from non-criminal traffic tickets, also sometimes called “civil traffic infractions.” #9359EN

How to clear (vacate) your drug possession conviction after State v. Blake

State v. Blake is a 2021 Washington State Supreme Court decision that says the state’s drug possession law is unconstitutional. If you were convicted of drug possession on or before February 25, 2021, you can get those convictions cleared (“vacated”) and removed from your criminal record. You may also get a refund of the legal financial obligations (LFOs) you paid on your drug possession case/s. The law the court found unconstitutional is “Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance” or “VUCSA – possession” (RCW 69.50.4013 and earlier versions of that law). Packets #8720EN and #8721EN

My driver’s license was suspended for unpaid criminal traffic fines. Can I get it back?

What you can do to try to get your driver's license back if it has been suspended because of tickets. #9356EN

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