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Wage claims

Know Your Rights

Are You Owed Wages? How the Law and L & I Can Help You Get Wages Your Employer Owes You

State law gives the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) authority to collect wages owed to workers. L&I used to have the power to investigate and ask for wages, but it could not make employers pay wages. Now L&I can decide what wages are due and collect those wages for the worker. The law also gives L&I power to assess civil penalties against employers who have willfully failed to pay wages. #2922EN

Dairy Workers in State of Washington Can Now Earn Overtime

Read about how now dairy workers in the state of Washington are eligible to earn overtime. #2604EN

Farm Workers: If the employer does not pay you, you may file a lien on the crop or orchard you worked.

Filing a crop or orchard lien is often the best way to get paid if your employer does not pay you. #2915EN

How to Enforce Your Right to Receive Minimum Wage

This tells you the current minimum wage and advises what to do if you are not being paid properly. #2921EN

Using Small Claims Court to Recover Unpaid Wages

If you are owed wages by your employer, read this to find out what you can do to get your money. #2200EN

Wage Booklet

This booklet will help you determine if you earned minimum wage when working by the piece rate, show the amount owed to you if there is a dispute regarding wages owed, provide proof that you qualify for state industrial insurance and unemployment and more. #2904EN

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