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  • Adoption Information from DSHS

    A good place to start for those considering adopting a child. Read More

  • Adoption Resources | King County

    King County Adoption Services assists pro se litigants in limited types of adoptions. Litigants may purchase adoption legal forms and schedule adoption facilitation appointments with the Adoption Paralegal. Adoption Services also conducts file review for adoption termination, finalization, and review hearings. All requests for adoption records access in King County are processed through Adoption Services. Read More

    King County Superior Court
  • FAQs for Adoptees about the New Adoption Law

    Information for adoptees about how to obtain a birth certificate, medical records and information about biological parents. Read More

    Washington State Department of Health
  • FAQs for Birth Parents about the New Adoption Law

    Information about how to fill out and submit a Contact Preference Form. Read More

    Washington State Department of Health
  • Parenting Issues for Same-Sex Couples

    This memo is about the legal status of same-sex couples with respect to the children they are raising. Washington law provides several ways that same-sex couples with children can legally establish the parental rights of both parents. The law on these issues has changed significantly over the last decade and will probably continue to change. Read More

    Legal Voice