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  • Divorce When the Wife is Pregnant

    This describes the law and procedures which must be followed in a dissolution (divorce) when the wife is pregnant. Read More

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  • Getting a Divorce in Washington Legal Guide

    This page provides links to resources you should read about divorce and to self-help materials that include court forms and instructions for doing your own divorce. Content Detail

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  • Pregnancy and Divorce

    This publication is for people who are getting a divorce in Washington State while one of the spouses is pregnant. It describes what happens when a spouse is pregnant during the divorce and what can be done to address the issue during the divorce process. This information applies to all marriages and state-registered domestic partnerships. #3236EN Read More

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  • Responding to Family Law Actions while Incarcerated

    Are you in jail or prison? Have you been served with legal papers about your family? This memo provides general information about how to respond to family law actions such as petitions related to divorce, child support, and custody issues. This memo is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. You may be able to get legal advice about your specific needs from a contract attorney or public defender. Read More

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