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DSHS programs and problems

Know Your Rights

Am I eligible for DSHS benefits if I have an arrest warrant or violated probation or parole?

If you are a fleeing felon, you are not eligible for many federal and state public benefits. This publication defines "fleeing felon" and discusses the benefits that are affected. Publication #7406EN.

DSHS Support Services for WorkFirst Participants

DSHS may provide goods and services for WorkFirst participants to help them look for work, prepare for work, or keep work. #7146EN

Exception to Rule (ETR): DSHS Programs

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) can give you some benefits even if you do not meet all their requirements. This is an “exception to a rule” or “ETR.” #7101EN

Petitioning for Superior Court Review: When you disagree with a DSHS/HCA benefits administrative hearing

If you appealed an agency decision about your public benefits and lost your administrative hearing, you can appeal the administrative law judge's decision. This packet explains when and how to do so, and has forms you can use. Packet #7917EN

Welfare Fraud

Answers to common questions about welfare fraud and important information that you should know if you are being accused of welfare fraud. #7116EN

Your Rights Dealing with DSHS

Read about what services you can get from DSHS and what your rights are when dealing with this state agency. #7900EN.

DSHS and HCA Overpayments: What is “Equitable Estoppel”?

Read this if DSHS sends you a notice saying you owe them money (an overpayment) because they gave you benefits they should not have and the overpayment was not your fault, and you cannot afford to repay it. You should ask for an administrative hearing. You have a legal defense against the overpayment. #7912EN

Fighting an overpayment of cash or medical assistance

Use this when the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) or Health Care Authority (HCA) notifies you of a cash or medical overpayment. An overpayment is when you get benefits you are not eligible for according to DSHS or HCA rules. #7104EN

DSHS Help for People with Disabilities: Necessary Supplemental Accommodations

If you get DSHS benefits, such as TANF, SFA, Disability Lifeline, Medicaid, or food assistance, DSHS must accommodate your disabilities. This means that DSHS must try to make their services and benefits available to you to the same extent that they are available to people without a disability. #7151EN

How to Ask for a Reasonable Accommodation of Your Disability from the Office of Administrative Hearings

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) must make sure its services and its hearings are fully available to all persons with disabilities. This may mean OAH needs to make a change in the way it handles a hearing or communicates with you to make sure you have the same chance to take part in the hearings as a person without disabilities. #8406EN

Your Rights Dealing with DSHS

Read about what services you can get from DSHS and what your rights are when dealing with this state agency. #7900EN.

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