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In this section of Washington LawHelp you will find general information, resources and self-help packets on eviction issues in Washington state.

  • Public Housing Evictions

    6102EN - As a public housing tenant, you have greater protection against evictions than most other tenants do. You have these protections because if you are evicted from public housing, you will lose your federal housing subsidy, often worth hundreds of dollars per month. This publication briefly explains what you should do when the Housing Authority tries to evict you from public housing. Read More

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  • Public Housing Grievance Procedure

    6105EN - As a public housing tenant, you have the right to appeal many decisions or actions taken by the Housing Authority through its administrative Public Housing Grievance Procedure. Every Housing Authority is required by federal law to adopt a written public housing grievance procedure. A copy of the agency's grievance procedure should be posted in their office and available upon request. Read More

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  • Video - Help for Domestic Violence Victims Living in Federally Subsidized or Public Housing

    Watch this video to learn your rights under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) if you live in federally subsidized housing or have a Section 8 voucher. This video covers federal laws, so the information is true no matter what state you live in. Read More

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