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Foreclosure Mediation (1)+

  • Foreclosure Mediation

    This resource is for homeowners who have already been referred to foreclosure mediation by an attorney or a housing counselor. The following information is intended to help prepare homeowners for their mediation, and explain the foreclosure mediation process. Read More

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Property tax (2)+

  • Options to Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure

    If you have received notice in the mail, posted on your door, or delivered to you that says your home or your property is “subject to foreclosure,” “in foreclosure,” or will be “sold at auction” because of unpaid taxes, you may be able to stop or delay the foreclosure and sale of your home. #6235EN Read More

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  • Property Tax Exemption for Seniors and People with Disabilities

    The property tax exemption is a way to lower your property taxes by exempting (excusing you from) all extra levies, like school construction bonds and other levies passed by voters, and sometimes part of regular levies on your home. Publication #6230EN Read More

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