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  • When a Tenant Who Lives Alone Dies

    Read this if you rent your house, manufactured home, or apartment (dwelling unit) from a landlord and are the sole occupant of the dwelling unit OR someone has designated you to take care of their things in their rental unit after they die. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project

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  • Search for Commission Financed Properties

    The following pages of multifamily rental properties received Tax Credit and/or Tax-Exempt Bond financing from the Commission and are monitored by the Compliance and Preservation Division. If you would like to find out more about properties that are still being built, rehabilitated, or that are just renting up, please see Tax Credit Lists or the Capital Projects Multifamily Housing Lists. Read More

    Washington State Housing Finance Commission

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  • Tenant Services: Repairs

    State law outlines landlords' obligations to keep your unit safe and livable. Landlords must also maintain their units to comply with all local codes that govern housing quality. Read More

    Solid Ground
  • Tenants: If You Need Repairs

    This publication provides information on a landlord's responsibility to make repairs and what you can do to enforce your right to live in a safe home. Publication #6330EN Read More

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