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After a Death (1)+

  • When a Tenant Who Lives Alone Dies

    Read this if you rent your house, manufactured home, or apartment (dwelling unit) from a landlord and are the sole occupant of the dwelling unit OR someone has designated you to take care of their things in their rental unit after they die. #6301EN Read More

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Deposits / Damages Claims (3)+

Evictions from Section 8 or other subsidized housing programs (2)+

  • Evictions from Public Housing (Housing Owned by a Housing Authority)

    If you live in a Public Housing Project, your landlord is a Housing Authority. The eviction process from Public Housing is a little different from the process for tenants with private landlords. #6102EN Read More

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  • Public Housing Grievance Procedure

    As a public housing tenant, you have the right to appeal many decisions or actions taken by the Housing Authority through its administrative Public Housing Grievance Procedure. Every Housing Authority is required by federal law to adopt a written public housing grievance procedure. A copy of the agency's grievance procedure should be posted in their office and available upon request. #6105EN Read More

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Moving In / Reading Your Lease (1)+

Moving Out (4)+

Problems with Landlords (8)+

Repairs / Mold / Bedbugs (2)+

Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellingham, Aberdeen Tenants (6)+

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