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  • How Do I Get a Disability-Based Waiver? Citizenship Application Help for People with Disabilities

    8129EN - To become a citizen of the U.S., most applicants must show the USCIS that they speak, understand and write basic English. Applicants also must pass a test in U.S. government and history. If you have a disability that makes you unable to learn or remember new information like English and history, you can apply for a Disability Waiver. If the Waiver is granted, you will not be required to speak English or take the history tests and can still become U.S. citizen. Read More

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  • N-648 Medical Certification for CIS Disability Waivers: Helping Doctors Get It Done

    If you have been directed to this website, chances are you are a physician or physician staff member needing to complete an N-648 medical disability waiver for an immigrant patient. You're in luck! This site is designed to help you through this form and make the process as pain-free as possible. Read More

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