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The Basics (14)+

DACA (4)+

  • Current Status of DACA

    DACA remains legal! As of June 18, 2020, if you have not had DACA in the past, you still cannot yet apply. If you have previously been granted DACA and remain eligible, you can still apply. Read the latest. Content Detail

  • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Resources

    Latest info from Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Read More

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
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  • Do you know your path to legal immigration status?

    Use IMMI to find the path that's right for you. Answer some simple questions to get started. Read More

    Immigration Advocates Network
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  • New Q & A about DACA

    This FAQ provides information and recommendations that may help you decide what to do with respect to DACA. However, the information in this FAQ is not legal advice. Every person’s situation is different. To get legal advice about whether you should either apply for DACA for the first time or apply to renew your DACA, you should talk to a qualified immigration lawyer or a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)–accredited representative. Read More

    National Immigration Law Center

Disability Waivers (2)+

  • How Do I Get a Disability-Based Waiver? U.S. Citizenship Application Help

    To become a United States citizen, usually you must show the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) that you speak, understand, and write basic English. You also must pass a test in U.S. government and history. If you have a disability that makes you unable to learn or remember new information like English and history, you can apply for a Disability Waiver. #8129EN Read More

    Northwest Justice Project
  • N-648 Medical Certification for CIS Disability Waivers: Helping Doctors Get It Done

    If you have been directed to this website, chances are you are a physician or physician staff member needing to complete an N-648 medical disability waiver for an immigrant patient. You're in luck! This site is designed to help you through this form and make the process as pain-free as possible. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project

Immigrants & Consumer Fraud (1)+

  • Stop Notario Fraud

    Don’t become a victim of dishonest immigration consultants often known as “notarios.” Immigration consultants, notaries public, and notarios cannot represent you in the immigration process. These people—especially notarios—prey on immigrants, often from the same ethnic community as the notarios themselves. Read More

    American Immigration Lawyer's Association
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