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  • Damages and Contingency Fees: Hiring a Lawyer in Personal Injury and Workplace Discrimination Cases

    If you have been injured by someone or discriminated against in the workplace, you may want the person or employer at fault to pay for the costs associated with the incident, such as medical bills or lost wages. If so, consider hiring a lawyer. Read More

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  • Employment Discrimination

    Federal, state, and local laws require employers to engage in fair employment practices. When employees feel they are experiencing discrimination or harassment in the workplace, they often are unsure about what their rights are. This memo is intended to be a road map to job discrimination laws. It outlines the laws that prohibit employment discrimination, what legal remedies exist, and where to go if you feel you have experienced job discrimination. Read More

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  • Filing a Charge of Employment Discrimination

    Any individual who believes that their employment rights have been violated may file a charge of discrimination with EEOC. This web page describes how. Read More

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Job Discrimination

    Most employment in Washington State is "at will." Your employer usually can fire you at will for any reason, or for no reason. There are exceptions to this rule. This publication explains different types of job discrimination and gives examples of each. Read More

    Northwest Justice Project - CLEAR Intake Line
  • Sexual Harassment at Work

    Sexual harassment at work is a serious problem. It can make workers less productive. It can increase employee absenteeism and turnover. And it can hurt the health and well being of workers. Sexual harassment is not about sex. It is the harasser being hostile toward the victim or abusing power over the victim because of the victim’s gender. Read More

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  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity In Employment

    Discrimination in employment based on a person's Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity is a violation of RCW 49.60. Read More

    Washington State Human Rights Commission
  • Workplace Fairness Web Site

    A comprehensive web site explaining employment rights. Read More

    Workplace Fairness