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Antiharassment & Stalking

Know Your Rights

How to hide your address from a stalker or abuser

Survivors of abuse, sexual assault, trafficking, or stalking can enroll in a state-run program to keep their address from the person who has been abusing, stalking or harassing them. #3706EN

Information for Stalking Victims in Washington State

Learn about stalking and how to protect yourself. If you need more information, see the Resources section at the end of this memo. #8906EN

Protection Order Advocacy Program

A protection order is an order, issued by a judge, to protect a person from another person whose behavior is abusive, threatening, exploitive or seriously alarming. This describes the different types of orders.

Sexual Harassment in Housing is Illegal

Sexual harassment by landlords and property managers is illegal! Tenants in this US Dept. of Justice video bravely share their stories about being harassed in their home by landlords.

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