Abortion Rights in Washington State

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If you live in Washington State, read this to understand your legal rights around abortion under our state's laws. #5706EN

Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. In Washington State, you have the legal right at any age to end your pregnancy. The United States Supreme Court's recent decision that overturned Roe v. Wade did not change this legal right for people who live in Washington State.  

Yes, up until the time when a fetus could survive outside of the uterus (becomes viable). After that, you may only get an abortion if continuing the pregnancy would endanger your life or physical or mental health.

No. No one will ask you about this.


*If you are under age 18, and you want to know what other health care you can get on your own, read I'm under 18. When can I get health care without an adult's consent? to learn more.  

Yes. No one else has the right to know about it.

In Washington State, if you don't want your insurance company to send information to your home or to the person paying for your insurance, you can send the insurance company the form to let them know how to communicate directly with you instead.

Probably. Under Washington state law, most health insurance plans in this state that cover pregnancy care must also cover abortions. If you have a Providence Health Plan, the state Department of Health will cover an abortion.

You can apply for Washington State's Family Planning Only program. It covers a range of reproductive health care needs and services.

In Washington State, it is illegal for protesters to do any of these things:

  • Stop you from entering a clinic or other medical facility

  • Threaten you or anyone with you

  • Make loud noises outside that disturb you inside the clinic

  • Trespass on the private property of the clinic

If any one of these happens to you, tell the clinic staff, consider calling 9-1-1, and contact Legal Voice at info@legalvoice.org or 206-682-9552.

No. Most pregnancy crisis centers have no medical professionals on staff. If you are looking for a free pregnancy test, you can contact a community health clinic or family planning clinic.

You should check the laws of the state where you live, and contact your insurance company.


We have lots of information at Washington LawHelp. You might find some of these fact sheets helpful:

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Last Review and Update: Jul 11, 2022
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