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File for Divorce Without Children 

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A Washington Forms Online interview. Do-it-yourself court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive.

What will this interview do? How much does a divorce cost? Talk with a lawyer What do I need before I start? What does my computer need? Ready to get started?

What will this interview do?

This free program will help you fill out court forms to file for divorce. Use this interview when you and your spouse have no children together who are under 18.

The interview asks questions and uses your answers to complete your forms. When you finish the interview, you can save, edit, email, download or print your completed forms. You will also get instructions to help with your next steps.

What forms will I get?

  1. Instructions
  2. Cover Sheet
  3. Summons: Notice about a Marriage (FL Divorce 200)
  4. Petition for Divorce (FL Divorce 201)
  5. Certificate of Dissolution (DOH 422-027)
  6. Confidential Information (FL All Family 001)
  7. Proof of Personal Service (FL All Family 101)

And other forms if needed, based on your answers.

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How much does a divorce cost?

The costs involved in a divorce include a filing fee of $250 - $320, photocopying fees, and possibly fees for service (delivering the papers to your spouse). If you cannot afford the filing fee, you may be able to file without paying it. To fill out the forms you need, complete the interview, Ask the Court to Waive Your Filing Fee.  

Where should I file my divorce?

You can file a divorce petition in the county where you live, or the county where your spouse lives. If you have questions about whether to file in Washington, talk with a lawyer, or read Ending Your Marriage in Washington - The Basics.  

Where can I learn about Washington divorce law

Read Ending Your Marriage in Washington - The Basics.  

What about local rules?

Divorce law is the same all over the state. But local court requirements will affect how you handle your case. Many counties have special forms, or have other local rules you must follow. Many counties require case schedules, classes, or settlement conferences. You must learn and follow local court requirements.

Call the court clerk’s office or family law facilitator for the court where you will file your case to find out about their local requirements. Tell them you are filing for divorce. Requirements may differ, depending on the type or stage of your case.

Read your local court rules. They are available at your county’s law library and often online at courts.wa.gov.

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Talk with a lawyer

We strongly recommend that you talk with a lawyer before filing for divorce. Even if you cannot afford to pay one to handle your divorce for you, a lawyer may advise you about important legal rights your divorce may affect. Example: You may have financial rights, such as a share of your spouse’s pension or other property, that you could lose if you do not protect those rights in the divorce.

What do I need before I start?

  • You and your spouse's full legal name.

  • You and your spouse's mailing address.

  • You and your spouse's social security number, if available.

  • You and your spouse's birth date.

  • Date, city, state/country (if foreign country) of your marriage.

  • List of personal property and real estate (real property) that you want the court to award you or your spouse, if any.

  • List of outstanding community and separate debts, if any.

It could take up to an hour to finish. If you don't have enough time, save your answers by creating a free account with LawHelp Interactive. You can create an account before you start or after you finish the interview.

What does my computer need?

This interview works best on a desktop computer, laptop, or large tablet. If you only have a mobile device, go to a library or other location with a desktop computer and printer. You must print your forms to file them in court.   

Your documents will download as .RTF files (rich text format). They can be opened in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Pages, Word Pad, and other word processors. You can email your forms directly from LawHelp Interactive to yourself or someone else who can print them for you.

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Disclaimer:  This program is designed to follow current law. It does not apply legal principles and judgment to anyone's specific circumstances.

Last Review and Update: Apr 09, 2019