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Facing Eviction? Get Help!

Authored By: Northwest Justice Project LSC Funded
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Find out about the state and federal eviction moratoria and what to do if your landlord tries to evict you anyway.




The eviction moratoria pause most, but not all, evictions until June 30, 2021.

Until then you cannot be evicted for not paying rent for COVID-19-related reasons, under federal and state eviction orders.

You may still be evicted if you cause an immediate and substantial risk to health, safety and property.

Your landlord also may try to evict you because they want to sell or move into the rental property. The federal moratorium likely protects you from this.

  • The moratorium does not mean you do not owe rent!

  • If you do not pay rent, you may owe a lot more later!

  • You may be evicted after June 30th if you do not pay now!

If your landlord tries to evict you, try to get legal help right away. Use the Eviction Defense Helper below.

Read Coronavirus (COVID-19): There are only a few reasons your landlord can evict you right now for more detailed information. 

If you cannot pay all your rent, your landlord should offer a reasonable payment plan. Get any plan with your landlord in writing. See Coronavirus (COVID-19): Should I enter into a rent repayment plan with my landlord?

Eviction Defense Helper

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Last Review and Update: Mar 22, 2021