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Gender Marker Change: Passport

Instructions and forms for how to change gender marker on a passport. Publication #8914EN.

Gender Marker Change: Immigration Documents

Instructions and forms for changing gender marker on immigration documents. #8915EN.

Gender Marker Change: Birth Certificate

Instructions and forms for changing gender marker on a birth certificate. Publication #8913EN.

Gender Marker Change: Social Security Card

Instructions and forms for changing the gender marker on your social security card. Publication #8911EN.

Change your gender designation: Driver licenses and ID cards

Instructions and forms for changing gender marker on a driver's license or ID card in Washington state.

Name Change

In Washington State, if you are eighteen or older, you can choose and use any name you wish, as long as you are not trying to defraud (cheat) someone. This describes the process. #3400EN

Gender Marker Changes: Social Security, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Passport, and Immigration Documents

Instructions and forms for how to change gender on important documents. Packet #8910EN.

Lavender Rights Project

1004 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Tacoma, WA 98405

(206) 639-7955

My Landlord Just Gave me a 20-Day Notice

If you rent the place where you live and you got a 20-Day Notice from your landlord, learn what that is and what you should do about it. #6355EN

My Landlord is Discriminating Against Me

Read this to learn what your options are. #6324EN

Child Support Worksheets and Order

A Washington Forms Online interview. Self-help court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive to calculate child support. Completes a proposed Child Support Order, Worksheets, and a Financial Declaration if needed.

New Washington State Law: Landlords must give a "good" reason to end a tenancy or not renew a lease

Find out about a new law that requires landlords to evict or refuse to renew a rental agreement for specific reasons only. #6345EN and #6346EN.

I Lost My Job. Do I Have Rights?

Lost your job? You may have some legal rights. This will help you understand whether your termination was illegal, whether your employer owes you anything, whether you owe your employer anything and how to assert your rights. #2102EN

How is Child Support Set?

An explanation of Washington State’s child support laws and how child support is set. We go over key parts of the state Child Support Schedule. #3816EN

Immigration, Family Law, and Domestic Violence

If you have a protection order case or family law matter, you may have immigration questions or concerns. People who are abusive often use immigration status to control their partners. Read this for basic answers to some common questions. #8105EN

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