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File for Legal Separation with Children

Brief instructions and the forms to file for legal separation with children in Washington state. #3268EN

Legal Separation: General Info

Learn about the difference between getting a divorce and a legal separation and why people might choose a one over the other. #3253EN

Changing Your Legal Separation to a Divorce

If you've changed your mind about your legal separation and you want to get a divorce OR you want to get back together with your spouse, use these forms and instructions. #3252EN

File for Legal Separation without Children

Brief instructions and the forms to file for legal separation without children in Washington state. #3269EN

How to Become a Legal Parent in Washington

Washington law provides several ways for people raising children together to become legal parents. This publication covers: 1. Legal parentage; 2. Becoming a legal parent; 3. Other options for people who are not legal parents; 4. Parenting after divorce/separation; and 5. Resources

Unmarried Couples: Washington Parenting Law

Basic information about Washington State law that applies to parenting when unmarried couples separate. #3912EN

Unmarried Couples: Washington Property Law

This gives basic information about Washington State law that applies to the division of property and debts when unmarried couples separate. #3913EN

How to ask a court to cancel your non-restitution interest and/or reduce your LFOs

Read this if you were convicted of a crime in Washington State, owe the state legal financial obligations, but cannot afford to pay. #9913EN

Divorce: The Basics

General information about getting divorced in Washington state. #3200EN

Divorce, Debt, and Bankruptcy in Washington State

A general overview of debt and bankruptcy issues related to divorce. #0102EN

Sealing Juvenile Court Records

Self-help court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive, developed by the Northwest Justice Project and TeamChild. Completes forms for sealing juvenile court records in Washington State.

Getting a divorce: Dividing property and debts

Find out what it means for your Washington divorce that this is a "community property" state. #3243EN

Letter to Landlord for Return of a Security Deposit

Self-help forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive. Use this program if you did not get or only partially got a refund of your rental security deposit from a previous landlord and want to send a demand letter requesting that it be returned to you.

Divorce and Other Options for Ending Your Marriage without Children in Washington State

If you have no children and want to get a divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership, read this first. This does not include court forms but will guide you to the forms you need. #3241EN

Washington Forms Online

Fill out legal documents online for free. It's simple: we ask you questions and use your answers to complete the documents you need. If you don't find what you are looking for here, go to the Legal Topics menu and choose a topic area or search. We have more legal forms available to print or fill out online that are not part of Washington Forms Online.

Answer a Lawsuit for Debt Collection

A Washington Forms Online interview. Self-help court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive. Create the documents you need to respond properly and on time to a Washington State debt collection lawsuit.

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