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Legal Separation: General Info

Learn about the difference between getting a divorce and a legal separation and why people might choose a one over the other. #3253EN

What if an incarcerated parent has no income or assets to pay child support?

Incarcerated parents -- and people owed child support from incarcerated parents -- may now request a temporary reduction in their child support payments. This fact sheet explains who is eligible and how to make that request. #3830EN

I have been served with papers to change my child support. What should I do?

Read this for help figuring out what to do next if you just received papers proposing to change your child support. #3813EN

Mediation: Should I use it?

Mediation is an informal way to resolve disputes without going to court. The parties attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the help of a neutral mediator. Mediation can be used in many types of disputes. #3226EN

You Have Been Served with Divorce Papers

What you should do if you have been served with divorce paperwork. #3242EN

Foster Youth, Former Foster Youth and Youth for Whom Adoption Support is being Paid: There are Important Changes to Your Healthcare Coverage as of April 1, 2016

The changes apply to you if (1) you are in the foster care system, (2) you were in that system until or after your 18th birthday and you are under age 26, or (3) adoption support is being paid for you.

Washington’s Non-Parent Visitation Rights

Learn how and when certain non-parent relatives can file for non-parent visitation with a child. #3152EN

Getting Ready for a Settlement Conference

Read this to learn why you should go to your settlement conference, what will happen there, and what happens if you do not settle. #3911EN

Family Law Cases: Trial Tips

Getting ready for trial can be hard and complicated. This publication can help. #3101EN

Living Together Contracts

Read this if you are part of a Washington couple that cannot or chooses not to marry or be registered domestic partners. The law generally does not say if/how you will share your property/debts/other responsibilities. Publication #3909EN

Divorce, Debt, and Bankruptcy in Washington State

A general overview of debt and bankruptcy issues related to divorce. #0102EN

Unmarried Couples: Washington Property Law

This gives basic information about Washington State law that applies to the division of property and debts when unmarried couples separate. #3913EN

Ask the Court to Waive Your Filing Fee

A Washington Forms Online interview. Self-help court forms and instructions on LawHelp Interactive. Use this if you cannot afford to pay the filing fee to start a new case. A judge will look at your financial information and decide if you qualify for a waiver under Washington Courts' General Rule 34.

Getting a divorce: Dividing property and debts

Find out what it means for your Washington divorce that this is a "community property" state. #3243EN

How do I get a copy of my Washington State Acknowledgment of Parentage?

How to get a copy of a Parentage Affidavit, Parentage Acknowledgment, or Acknowledgment of Parentage (all the same thing). #3612EN

What is a Declaration?

Find out how you can get your written testimony, or the written testimony of someone who has information important to your case, before a judge.

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