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Quick Facts: Alternatives to Guardianship

Read about the options short of guardianship for helping an adult who faces real risk of harm due to their incapacity. #3305EN

File a Minor Guardianship Petition

If you need short-term or emergency orders getting a guardian for the child right away, use this packet plus our Ask for an Emergency Minor Guardianship Order Packet. #4410EN

Ask for an Emergency Minor Guardianship Order

Use this packet when it is safe to notify the parents that you are asking for an emergency guardianship. If it is not safe to do so, use our Ask for an Immediate Order in Ex Parte - Emergency Minor Guardianship and Restraining Order packet instead. #4414EN

Minor Guardianship of Native American Children

When someone who isn't a parent wants to get legal custody or guardianship of Indian children, special laws and procedures apply. #4418EN

FAQ: Someone is trying to get guardianship of my kids

Find out your rights and options if if you've been served with court papers from a Washington court seeking to name someone else guardian of your children. #4405EN

Adult guardianship, conservatorship and other protective arrangements

Learn about what adult guardianship is and some alternatives to guardianship. #3300EN

How to ask for a lawyer if you are a parent in a minor guardianship case

If you are served with minor guardianship papers over your child, you can ask the court to appoint you a lawyer at public expense. Learn more and get the forms and instructions for filling them out and filing them. #4404EN

Alternatives to Guardianship: Supported Decision Making Agreements (SDM)

Learn more about this alternative to guardianship that helps people with disabilities without limiting their rights. #3306EN

Non-Parent Custody has changed to Minor Guardianship

Washington state's non-parent custody law ended in 2021 and a new court procedure called minor guardianship has taken its place. Read a brief overview here. #3128EN

I am age 12 – 16. What are my rights in a minor guardianship case?

If you are a teen and someone has filed to have a court appoint a guardian for you, read this to find out what your rights are. #4402EN

New Minor Guardianship Law Effective January 1, 2021 RCW 11.130 FAQs

Read this for an overview of the new minor guardianship (guardianship of a child) law.

Instructions for Filing to End a Guardianship or Nonparent Custody Order to Get Your Children Back

You can file a Petition to Terminate or Change Non-Parent Custody Order case to ask the court to return custody of your child to you. #3127EN

Ask for an Immediate Order in Ex Parte: Emergency Minor Guardianship and Restraining Order

Use this along with our File a Minor Guardianship Petition packet only if you are trying to get emergency guardianship and you need a temporary court order the same day you file your paperwork. #4416EN

What You Should Know about Estate Planning Documents

An overview of estate planning documents like wills, powers of attorney, living wills and guardianship.

Video - Conversation about Supported Decision Making

What is Supported Decision Making and how is it different from guardianship? Ivanova Smith interviews an attorney from Disability Rights Washington to find out how Supported Decision Making works.

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